Integrating Bioavailability in Risk Assessment of Contaminated Soils: opportunities and feasibilities

IBRACS final report is now available under Downloads. Major outcomes from IBRACS is two approaches to apply chemical bioavailability tests in site specific risk assessments (Tier 3 level); one for metals and one for PAHs. These approaches are described in detail in the final report. We also launch a tool that can be used to calculate site specific guideline values for PAHs, “the IBRACS TU calculator”, based on either “total soil concentrations” or “pore water concentrations”. The recommended procedure for metals (Cu, Ni, Zn) are based on the “Soil PNEC calculator”, which can be downloaded from  http://www.arche-consulting.be/en/our-tools/soil-pnec-calculator/

IBRACS is a SNOWMAN research project in cooperation between: