Crop Based Systems for Sustainable Risk Based Land Management for Economically Marginal Degraded Areas

A research project in cooperation between Bioclear BV (The Netherlands), Centre for Environmental Sciences , Hasselt University, (Belgium), R&D National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources, (Romania) and the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (Sweden).




Reports of Rejuvenate 2:

The final report of Rejuvenate 2 is now available, together with a short guide to the DST-tool. Both can be downloaded from Snowmannetwork.

Direct links to these reports (and other publications and presentations by Rejuvenate) can also be found under “downloads“.

We are also at the moment working on two peer review articles, which hopefully will be submitted before end of July 2013. /Anja Enell 2013-05-31